Life Changes-Making Transitions with Ease!

When you are in the beginning, middle or end of a transition, it can be tough to keep your balance.  As I know many of you are in the midst of a change (and I’m in the middle of one too), I thought it might be helpful to get some insight on how to do it with ease.

I asked for some Divine input and the metaphor I was shown is below:

I am standing on slate that begins to crack and shift beneath my feet.  I struggle not to fall.  I hear: “What do you wish to be standing on?  Choose that and it will be so.  There is no need to stand on something that is at an end.  Choose instead to stand solidly on your new truth.  It will support you with ease.”  I look down at my feet and see that I’m now standing on soft, thick grass with small blue flowers all around me. 

Using this image and some additional guidance I’ve been receiving, here are three simple steps to help you move forward with ease through your own transition. 

1.  Stay clear on your intention.  Where are you going?  Spend time imagining yourself in the life you are moving into.  Even if you don’t know the particulars, you can still immerse yourself in how you want to feel.  In doing this, you are setting a clear intention for what you want to experience.  Make note of what qualities or experiences are important for you to incorporate into your new situation.  You are choosing how you want this new life to look.  Make sure it is in alignment with your needs, not the “thou shalts” of those around you.

2.  Keep it simple.  When we get out of balance, our emotions can confuse the process.  This is the step where we invoke all the love and support we can receive to get through the transition and achieve our intention in the simplest way possible.  Ask your highest self and your Spiritual Support Team of Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to provide you with simple, clear steps to reach your intention.  Ask them to motivate you to do whatever is needed to reach your goal.  Then pay attention to what you feel drawn to. Listen to and respect your feelings as they are guideposts pointing you in the right direction.

3.  Make a commitment.  To feel safe and comfortable during a transition, we need to be able to trust ourselves.  What do you need to get through this change with ease?  I’ve found using an affirmation beginning with “I promise myself…” can be a very powerful tool for me to really feel my own dedication to nurturing myself while moving into a new situation.  For example, if you are transitioning into a new career, you might find the following affirmation helpful:  “I promise myself that I will release the old and move into the new in my life with ease and grace.”  If you are moving to a new home, you might try the affirmation:  “I promise myself that I will easily and effortlessly create an amazing new home that I absolutely love!”  If you are leaving a relationship, you might find the following helpful:  “I promise myself that I will accept new loving relationships in my life with those who adore me and who I adore.”  Also, promise yourself that you will create the space to honor that which is ending in your life.  Take the time to recognize the people, experiences and emotions about the experience that has ended.  Bless all of it with love (even the parts that have been painful), and promise yourself that you will take what you’ve learned and let go of the rest as you move forward.

Wishing you gentle and joyous transitions and a life you love!


PS.  Energetically we are constantly making transitions.  This Sunday, I’ll be doing a free call to introduce my new Spiritual Parenting Club.  The club (and the call) will help parents and those who work with children energetically and spiritually support those in their care.  If you are interested in learning more or participating in the call, send me an email!  The call is on 5/20 at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.   For club details:  SPIRITUAL PARENTING CLUB

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