Developing Your Intuition

I often get asked how to develop intuition and be able to communicate with Spirit Guides and Angels.  The answer is both simple and complicated.  First, I’d like to clarify my viewpoint on intuition.  I feel we all have the ability to communicate with our higher self and the Divine beings that are here to support us.   I’ve found that most people actually do communicate with their Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Guides all the time, whether they realize it or not.  When we decide to do this more consciously, we are essentially beginning a spiritual journey that will empower us to live our life purpose and follow our soul.  This process helps us to clear out the fears and false beliefs that limit our ability to see things from a spiritual perspective.  It isn’t something that typically happens overnight (though anything is possible!).  The good news is that you can start consciously invoking Divine support and guidance with the process right now!

You can start by using some simple tools (see suggestions at the end of the post) and/or try the meditation included below…

Communicating with Your Spiritual Support Team Guided Meditation

1.  Find a place to relax where you won’t be disturbed for 10-20 minutes.

2.  Take a deep breath, inhaling through the nose and out through the mouth.  Repeat this two more times.

3.  Set a clear intention.  I use a prayer to begin, so that I make it clear what I am asking.  This prayer should include the following elements:

  • Ask to be grounded and centered in your own system
  • Ask to be a clear channel to the highest Divine source (insert whatever Divine being you believe in such as Jesus, God, Buddha, your highest self, the Angels etc)
  • Ask that all communication be filtered through the highest Divine source throughout the meditation (this will prevent you from having spiritual contact that comes through in a way that is not highest and best for you)
  • Ask that a window of time be created and during that window that all information you receive in the form of images, thoughts, sounds, and feelings will be Divinely inspired
  • Ask that you receive whatever healing and wisdom is needed for your highest and best good
  • Ask the highest Divine source to keep the communication open and clear until the meditation is complete

4.   Imagine a place to meet with your Spirit guides that you will visit every time you do this mediation.  Pick somewhere that feels comforting.  I like using nature images.  Begin your journey by following a simple path.  You will use the same path and see the same landmarks every time you visit.  Let yourself be open to imagining with all your senses!  What does the air feel like?  Do you smell any particular scents in the air?  Is it sunny or cloudy?  Just let your imagination wander and make a note of what you experience.

5.  Imagine yourself sitting somewhere comfortable in your special spot.  Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you.  Ask a simple question or request healing.  Let yourself just relax and “see” or “feel” whatever comes to mind.  I find it easiest to imagine this as listening to a story or watching a movie.  Imagination is the threshold for all Spirit communication.  Don’t worry that you are “making it up.”  What comes through will be what you need to experience, since that is the intention you set. 

6.  Conclude your mediation by thanking your Spiritual team for their guidance, love and continued support.

7.  Walk back up the path.  Take a deep breath and return your attention to your present environment.

Often, messages come in the form of images, sounds, words, or feelings.  It helps to have some tools to use to interpret the message.  There are many wonderful sources to use!  Anything book can be used, but the more thorough the resource, the easier it is to interpret the message.

Some of my favorites are:

Ted Andrews’ books (Nature-Speak, Animal-Speak, Animal-Wise)

Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards

Soul Coaching Cards by Denise Linn

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

You can check out all my favorite resources at the following link:  SPIRITUAL TOOLS

Would you like some help developing your intuition?

Here are a few options (beyond the Empowerment Readings and Lightworker Mentoring Programs available on my website)…

Soul Friends’ Empowerment Call:  Each month, I lead an empowerment call to teach and support my Soul Friends through the process of developing their intuition.  During the call, I set the intention through a prayer for all those participating and then lead them through a Divinely Guided Meditation to bring whatever wisdom and healing is needed.  At the end, I help interpret what came through and provide additional messages.  May’s call is on 5/6 at 7PM EST.  The call is always recorded, so you can listen to it at your convenience if you aren’t able to make it at that time.

Soul Friends’ Intuition and Paranormal Experiences Email Club:  In this club, members share about their experiences using intuition and other spiritual experiences.  We recently started doing some intuitive experiments where we get simple messages for each other.  It is a lot of fun!


Both of the activities above are free for those who are a part of my Soul Friends’ Community.  I started this community to have a way to stay in touch with my wonderful clients more regularly and to give them a chance to get to know others with similar interests.  I absolutely love this group of people!  Membership benefits include weekly Divinely Guided Messages, monthly calls, discounts on my services, email discussion clubs, and more.   Membership is $5/month.  You can join and learn more at this link:  Nancy’s Soul Friends’ Community

Have an amazing day!


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