Aligning Your Beliefs with Your Truth

One of the themes that have been coming up lately for my clients (and me too!) centers around examining our foundational beliefs.  What is it that you really believe?  Are you living by “codes” or “laws” that don’t really align with your core truths? 

I’ve been doing some work with this concept and a few techniques came through to work with this idea.  Check them out below!

1.  Ask yourself, “Am I standing on fear or love?”  A good way to determine if you are operating on a belief system that is in alignment with your soul is to uncover what you are using to make a decision.  Are you choosing out of fear of the consequences of your choice or are you making the choice based on love for what you are choosing?  For example, think about a time when you are trying to decide what to eat.  Do you make the food choice because you LOVE what you are going to eat?  Do you feel it is life giving and that it will really nourish you? Or are you making the choice out of fear that you must eat something healthy to avoid disease and illness?  By making sure that we are aligning with the vibration of love in our choices, we are standing on the foundation that is in sync with our soul.

2.  Check in with your feelings.  Pay close attention to your physical reactions as you think different thoughts.  For instance, if you are thinking about taking an action, notice if you feel light and peaceful or tense.  If you feel tense, ask yourself what is the foundational belief that is leading me to take this action?  Next, ask yourself if this is something you personally think is true, or simply something you’ve been told is true.  As we evolve, we must determine what truths we stand on.  It is no longer possible to blindly accept the “thou shalts” of our elders or colleagues.  We need to KNOW that what we are using as the framework to make our choices is based on truths in alignment with our own soul.  Only then will our choices align with our life purpose.

3.  Write out your truths.   Think of this as your personal Code of Honor. These are the truths you live by.  Spend some time with each item and make sure you really feel each belief is true for you.  When I did this for a client, Spirit brought through ten different metaphors for these truths.  Since the Bible provided Ten Commandments, maybe ten is a good number of truths to aim for!

4.  Understand yourself better.  By doing deep inner work, we are able to get a broader understanding of who we are and what makes us tick.  There are lots of books, spiritual advisers, counselors and programs available to help you do this.  You may also find a personality test helpful.  I recently completed a Myers-BriggsPersonality Test and found the results to be deeply insightful.  It helped me to see some patterns in my psyche that resulted in me investing in truths that I no longer believe in.  If you’d like to try this test, check out the link at the end of the article.

5.  Choose what you want!  What if you could decide to make certain truths “givens” in your life?  For example, what if you chose to have safety be a foundational truth?  Imagine if being safe was something you could count on as surely as you expect to be able to take your next breath.  You wouldn’t have to worry about it or figure out how to make it happen.  It would just be true! You could actually just rest in the knowledge that you are safe.  And what about doing the same thing with financial security, loving relationships, and fulfilling work?  The good news is that you CAN choose this! Make the decision that having your needs met be a foundational truth for you.  Ask the Divine to make it so!  Then spend some time living in that reality.  Feel how wonderful you feel resting in the truth that you are safe, loved, and fulfilled as part of the basic foundational truths in your life.  The Universe wants you to be in alignment with the Divine and your highest truth, so that you can be most fully yourself.

 What is the most important truth you live by?  Feel free to share in the comment section or send me an email about your thoughts.

 Blessings to you!


PS.  If you’d like to try the Myers- Briggs Personality test, it is available at this link:

Additional information exploring your results can be found at this link:

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