New Article and Intuitive Message!

WordPress had a little glitch this morning and none of my posts made it out by email.  If you missed them, the links and an excerpt are below!

From Letting Go of “Doing”

As the energies shift and we all evolve into more clear expressions of our true nature, we are called to let go of old approaches. Using the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor, sometimes it is difficult to switch from the focus of getting things done (for example, finishing off the leaves on the branch you are on) to focusing fully on creating and appreciating the beauty around us.  Have you ever found yourself feeling pulled in a thousand directions at the same time?  Sometimes the drive to “do” can throw us into a state of confusion and exhaustion.   We lose our focus on looking for the beautiful and get caught in accomplishing tasks.  As I’ve been experiencing this lately myself, I asked for some guidance.  Here is what came through…

To read the rest, visit this link…

Letting Go of Doing

I write a weekly intuitive message for my Soul Friends’ Community.  I decided to share this week’s message with everyone, so check out the link below to read what came through!

Intuitive Message for this week

And a little bonus…

A quote from Answered Prayers:  Love Letters from the Divine by Julia Cameron

“Allow me to come close to you.  Let me into your life.  Allow me to enter your heart.  I come with respect.  I bring the gifts of gentleness and wisdom.  I am for you wise counsel.  Share with me your hurried heart.  Slow down and speak with me.  I bring you joy.”

Wishing you a joyous evening!



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