Letting Go of “Doing”

As the energies shift and we all evolve into more clear expressions of our true nature, we are called to let go of old approaches.  Using the caterpillar/butterfly metaphor, sometimes it is difficult to switch from the focus of getting things done (for example, finishing off the leaves on the branch you are on) to focusing fully on creating and appreciating the beauty around us.

Have you ever found yourself feeling pulled in a thousand directions at the same time?  Sometimes the drive to “do” can throw us into a state of confusion and exhaustion.   We lose our focus on looking for the beautiful and get caught in accomplishing tasks.

As I’ve been experiencing this lately myself, I asked for some guidance.  Here is what came through…

I saw myself standing in a room with doors all around me.  The room was round.  The doors were all open and I was looking from one to another in confusion.  When I stopped and gathered myself, I asked the Angels to close the doors.  I could feel my system relax and I saw an image of myself sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.  I turned my attention into the core of my being and asked, what do I really want to know right now?

The answer I heard was that I want to know which door to open first.  They all were appealing and I felt the need to get to work.  But what I heard was that the doors are all illusion.  There aren’t really any doors to be opened or closed.  Instead there is only love.

Spirit asked, “What do you love?  What would you love to create?  What would you love to do?”

I saw myself taken out of the room with all the doors and I was sitting on a wind-swept mountain.  I could see for miles and the sun felt warm.  There was a forest before me.  I stood up and walked along the path, taking my time and enjoying the sensations and scents.  As I stepped beneath the trees, I breathed in the fresh pine scent and felt my whole body relax.  There was a hush beneath the trees, a deep stillness.  I let myself soak it up for a moment.  But only a moment…soon I was back to looking at all the choices around me.  Should I sit beneath a tree?  Go back to the path? Return to the clearing?  I felt the swirling chaos again, and then I heard Spirit ask.  What do you want to do? 

I found myself answering that I want to do it all (again, a caterpillar with too many  yummy leaves to be eaten)!  I heard…

Then do what you want to do the most first, and then do the next thing.  There is no time limit.  There is no chance that you won’t get to what you truly feel drawn to do.  There is no “have to’s” for you to reach your goals and dreams.  Be a butterfly, not a caterpillar.  Follow the flowers! Look for bright colors!  Daydream…

I find that it helps to use a metaphor when incorporating new wisdom.  Here are a few simple steps to follow using the butterfly metaphor.

Butterfly Wisdom

1.  Gather yourself.  Be still and listen to the beat of your own rhythm and song.

2.  Soak in the sun with wings open to receive all the love and support available to you.

3.  Lift off. Take that leap of faith and trust.

4.  Let the wind support you.  There is no need to struggle or strive.  The Universe is on your side.  Let it lift you and gently guide you to where you really want to go.

5.  Land only on what is beautiful.  Seek the most beautiful flowers in the garden of your life.  They are there, simply waiting for you to find them.

And a final thought from Spirit…

Ask not what should I do, but instead where should I love?

With love and blessings to all of you!







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