Taking Ownership: Discover Your True Essence (And Release the Rest)

If you were a house, what would you be like?  According to some dream experts, dreaming about a house often means that we are dreaming about ourselves.  The condition of the house indicates the state of our own inner world.  I’ve had a series of recurring dreams about a house.  Each time, the house feels so familiar.  I absolutely love it, but up until recently, I wasn’t yet the owner of it.  It was also always filled with other people and their belongings.  After a wonderful elemental reflexology session, it finally occurred to me that it was time to ask my Spiritual Support Team to clear it out.  Once I did that, it was time to finally claim ownership.

The word “claim” is very important with this process.  We need to be willing to claim ourselves, all of ourselves.  I spent a lot of time over the last several years digging through all the forgotten or hidden aspects of my psyche and coming to terms with what I found there.  In my Soul Friends’ book, I talk about the Soul Friends’ preferred method of dealing with skeletons in the closet…bring them out to dance!  I’ve found that in truth, most of the parts of ourselves we are afraid to admit to or face our usually much more positive than we realize.  Shadows on the walls are bigger then when you look at them directly.   We also need to stop claiming that which is not us.  I find that many people are claiming “facts” about their personality which are really just emotional responses to experience they have had.

We talk of shielding and boundaries frequently when I am working with clients.  It feels to me as if shielding is actually better termed as being unwavering in our own essence.  When we know who we are and feel the truth of our Divine Self, our essence cannot be altered by others energies or emotions.  We are free to invite the world to visit, knowing that we won’t be adjusting what they find when they come.  All the Universe asks of us is to be truest expression of ourselves.

So where are you in this process?  Have you emptied out your closets and discovered your true self?  Are you ready to see how all of that self fit together?

For March’s Empowerment Call, we’ll be asking our Spiritual Support Team to help us see the house of ourselves and to get a feel for what is going on inside of us.  By understanding ourselves better, we will be better able to stay centered in our truth.  We will claim that which is us, and release that which is not!  To join me, check out the call details below:

Taking Ownership:  Discover your true essence and release the rest!

3/11/2012 at 7-8 PM Eastern Standard Time

Cost:  Free to Soul Friends’ Community Members (Not a member yet?  You can learn more here:  SOUL FRIENDS’ COMMUNITY ); Non-Members-$15

Non-Members can register here (and you can also read some FAQ’s about the empowerment calls that I just added!):  EMPOWERMENT CALLS

Blessings to you and yours!


PS.  For those who live in Northeast Ohio, the elemental reflexology session was with my friend and colleague, Judy Tancinco.  You can learn more about Judy and the work she does here:  JUDY

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