Releasing Unhealthy Emotional Patterns

“But if you bring your attention to tension, won’t you get lost in it? This is the fear that leads people into escapist positive thinking practices. The logic of positive thinking is rather appealing, because this doctrine claims that you should give more energy to positive thoughts, and less energy to negative thoughts. Unfortunately, that is rather like choosing not to notice the moldy smell of decaying food in the kitchen. It becomes more and more difficult to enjoy the bouquet of roses when the stink of moldy cheese becomes stronger and stronger.”

Joel Bruce Wallach

Boy can I relate to this quote!  I am a firm believer in positive thoughts and positive affirmations.  I can tell how my physical self changes, opens, and becomes more relaxed when I think thoughts that make me feel good.  I know these things work, and work well.  I also am realizing that sometimes no matter how much you want the moldy cheese to smell like roses, it still smells like moldy cheese.

My understanding of what Joel Bruce Wallach (founder of Cosmic-Consciousness and the creator of the Powerforms), suggest that we can change our experience of the moldy cheese by expanding our awareness…by looking at the situation from the more expansive view of our higher self.  As we shift our perspective, we release the energies trapped in the experience, and the experience changes.

I decided to ask for some additional insight on this topic.  Here is what came through…

I’m hearing that in using this metaphor, the moldy cheese is a psychological/emotional pattern that is no longer serving.  We continue the pattern over and over with the same result, but we feel unable to change this perspective.  In the case of the cheese in the refrigerator, we would simply throw it out.  I am hearing the same principle applies.

How do we throw out an ingrained emotional pattern?

First, you need to recognize the pattern.  If you are unable to see how you are responding to the situation, you are unable to let the pattern be released.  To discover what is going on, look to your emotional self.  What are you feeling?  What words, experiences, impressions bring forth a strong emotional response?  These are the clues that will help you discover the pattern that is stuck.

Once the pattern has been identified, it is time to put the emotions aside.  Look at the reaction or experience as if you were studying a fly on the wall.  You would not be thinking of the fly’s emotions.  Instead, you would be focused on what it looks like, what you are observing of its actions, etc.  Do this with the situation.  See it through the eyes of logic.  Sometimes it helps to imagine someone else who is non-emotional.  How would they view the situation?  What would they do in your shoes?

After you have clearly noted the logical observations about the situation, it is time to ask yourself a few questions. 

Is this reaction serving me in some way?  If so, in what way is it providing something you think you need?

Are you projecting your own inner child or wounded self into the situation?  What does it look like without this projection?

If you didn’t know the people involved or even yourself, what would you observe about the dynamic? 

What is the healthiest response to the situation you can imagine (if you were not involved in any way)?

I know when I applied these steps to a situation I was facing, I discovered that I was projecting how I would react in the situation instead of really observing the person who was directly involved.  I also realized that I was trying to “protect” someone which was preventing them from learning the lesson they needed to in order to grow.  During a session with a client recently, the image came through of a young sapling growing on a mountain hillside.  There were dark storm clouds coming and strong winds.  I could feel the sapling as it held tightly to the Earth in the face of the winds and storm.  I heard Spirit say that learning to hold on is how the tree grows the strong roots it needs.  It was clear that trying to shelter the sapling in some way would not serve it in the long run, as it wouldn’t have the strength to grow into its full potential.

Finally, ask your team of Angels and Spirit Guides to clear away any ties to past experiences or emotions.  Ask them to cut all cords that bind you to the unhealthy pattern.  See them sweeping away the fear and confusion and transforming it into pure love.  Affirm, “It is safe for me to allow others to grow in the soil of their choosing.  It is safe for me to remain uninvolved.  All is well, all is well, and all will be well.  And so it is.”

Blessings to you and yours!


PS.  To read the full article written by Joel Bruce Wallach, visit his website:  Cosmic Consciousness

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