Staying Healthy!

Have you been catching all the great tips to stay healthy posted by Naturopath/Wellness Coach, Buddy Ann Ross?  They’re great!  Also, don’t miss the Empowerment Call coming up on 2/26/2012 on Immaculate Immunity, she’s leading It’s going to be awesome! Everyone in my house has caught the cough/sinus illness that has been going around, but I’m determined to avoid it!  Here’s the information and links for the tips:

Immaculate Immunity, 7PM EST (Soul Friends’ Empowerment Call)

Learn how simple changes in your daily choices can boost your immunity, as we cover topics of hydration , nutrition, supplements, sleep and the mind/body connection.
You will have an opportunity to ask questions about your immune-related concerns either by email prior to the call (your question will be answered on the call anonymously) or during the call itself.  The call will be recorded.  To learn more about Wellness Coaching and Naturopath services with Buddy:  HOLISTIC WELLNESS BUDDY

Free for Soul Friends’ Members (AND it is free to join this month if you aren’t a member yet!)

Non-Members, $15 (Purchase)

Also, be sure to check out her weekly tips at the links below!



Have an awesome day and remember you “Expect and deserve perfect health!”


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