Aura Pulsing-Balance Your Energy!

I’ve been taking some amazing classes offered by Joel Bruce Wallach at Cosmic Consciousness. One of the classes was on Aura Pulsing.  To do this technique, you imagine yourself sitting in front of you.  Working on this image of yourself, you gently raise your hands with the palms out and gently touch the Auric field.  You bring the hands back very slowly (for me, it feels like the aura lightly sticks to my hands and is therefore expanded when I bring my hands back).  Then you repeat the process as many times as you need to.  You can also focus in on a particular area such as a place where you are feeling physical discomfort or a particular chakra (energy centers of the body).  The technique is very subtle, but very powerful.  It helps to balance the aura and shake off anything that is out of harmony.  Finish by using your hands to gently sweep anything that has been released up into the Divine light.  I always ask for the Angels to transmute and transform what is released into streams of harmonious vibrations of pure love.  You can also do the sweep into the Earth and ask that it be recycled there as well.

On tonight’s Love and Support Empowerment Call, we will be using this technique to balance the energetic space around a relationship, job situation, financial concern, health issue, or other challenge.  The intent will be to infuse the situation with love and support to manifest what you need.  I’ll be leading a group meditation where we will practice the technique for the first part of the call and then do mini-readings for those who would like some additional intuitive insight after the meditation.  The meditation portion of the call will be recorded if you are unable to participate live. This month, you can participate in the call for free as I’m offering a gift of one month free membership in the Soul Friends’ Community ($5/month after that if you decide to continue).  To sign up, go to this link (once you are registered, I’ll send you the call in details):  JOIN

Call Time:  7PM Eastern Standard Time (60 Minutes)

Have a great day!


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Spirit Earth Coaching offers life coaching and vibrational healing for those seeking empowerment in their health, relationships, life purpose, or career.

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