Expect, Deserve, Experience!

I came across a new technique that I’m really finding so powerful.  I thought I’d share it with all of you!  One of the Louise Hay affirmations on the I Can Do It! Calendar said, “I expect and deserve perfect health.”  As everyone in my family is in some stage of a cold at the moment, I found myself saying the affirmation.  When I saw how my sore throat and stuffy nose started to clear up, I decided to expand it.  I started substituting perfect health for other things I “expect and deserve.”  Wow!  I could really feel my energy shifting and my whole system relaxing.

I added a little more to the affirmation in case you want to try my version.  Here’s what I’m using…

I expect and deserve (loving relationships, prosperity, perfect health, a fulfilling career, etc).  Angels (or Jesus, God, Higher Self or whatever Divine force you feel called to) make it so, and so it is! 

Give it a try!

What do you “expect and deserve?”

Have a great day!



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Spirit Earth Coaching offers life coaching and vibrational healing for those seeking empowerment in their health, relationships, life purpose, or career.

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