Our Divine Nature

“When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, “I am in the heart of God.”

Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

I was shown a metaphor for our Divine Nature and I thought I’d share it.

The first image was of a beautiful blue lake and I was told that the lake represents the soul.  One drop of that lake comes into the physical self for this incarnation.  The lake is connected by a vast river to the ocean.  The river represents the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters who help us connect to the Divine.  God by whatever name you call him/her is represented by the ocean.  When we come into human form, we bring with us a miniature of this representation into our experience.  A drop of God comes and surrounds us.  We are able to connect to God through the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters through a river that connects and travels through each of the chakra areas.  We are also able to connect directly with God through the thinning of the veil at our head and feet.  Within us is a drop from the lake that is our soul.  Our Spirit Guides were shown as souls in canoes helping our consciousness navigate the waters.

I felt the river travel through the side of my body from right to left and then circle around.  When we are in a state of love, we allow this “water” to flow smoothly and effortlessly through our system.  We are “in love.”  Do you remember what it feels like when you “fall in love?”  Colors are brighter, the air is sweeter, and all that matters is the object of your affection.  In those moments, we too see the truth of who we are.  We are able to love ourselves as they love us.  While in this state, love flows through all the pathways and channels opening us to bliss.

It is my belief that spiritual enlightenment comes when we begin to experience this same intense love for the Divine and are able to see our true reflection from this source.  Over and over, Spirit has told me that the answer to any question is love.  This is something which seems so simple in theory, and yet so hard in practice.  How do we love when we feel misunderstood or hurt?  How do we love when the person we feel this love for does not return our affection?  How do we love when we are afraid?  Loving the Divine allows us to love free of ego attachments, misunderstandings and fear.  It allows us to love cleanly and purely.  It is a love that needs nothing more than to be given and received.

Imagine if each of us brought into this life a spark of God that is here for us alone.  This spark would still be of the same Essence as the Great Divine…the source of all…and yet able to be in a form that we can relate to and understand.  Just as the drop that has formed who we are in this lifetime is still of the same substance of the vastness of our soul, so too is the drop of God still of the same essence of the Divine, the source of all.  And all of these aspects are made of the same basic material, of water in this metaphor.   We are God and God is us because we are of the same essence and we come from the same source.  Our conscious experience doesn’t allow us to experience this fully while living in a human body, but we can have moments of feeling that inexplicable connection to something much vaster than ourselves.  And if we are all of the same essence, of water, then so too are all those we meet.  The essence of our lake/soul may be slightly different, but at our core we are all from the same source.

From a spiritual point of view, this makes perfect sense to me.  Yet, how does one explain how there can be such cruelty and violence in a world in which we are all incarnations of God?  I asked this question, and this is what I was shown.

I saw construction workers building walls.  Some of the walls were made of steel and some brick.  Some were mud and unstable.  The workers were building these walls where the river flows connected to the chakras.  At the top of the head, I saw steel covers like you’d find on a submarine with thick locks.  The feet were wearing thick-soled shoes, so thick that the ground couldn’t be felt beneath them.  I heard them say that some souls come into this experience expecting to be able to live separately from God.  They want to be “independent” and beholden to none.  I hear “How can you be beholden to yourself?”  This question doesn’t occur to them because they don’t see themselves as Divine.  Others come in with deep wounding.  They feel that the only way to be safe is to keep themselves separate from all.  In doing so, they keep themselves sectioned off into aspects of their psyche, only allowing part of whom they are full expression.  They limit the love they give and/or the love they receive.  Through this incarnation, they will be faced with challenges that encourage them to take down the walled up spaces, and open themselves to love.  Some will remove all the walls, and some will only remove a few.  The process requires courage.  I hear them say, “You all have enough courage for the task.”

I hear, “Let life be simple.  Love, be loved, forgive, laugh, dance, and be.  You are perfect just as you are.  Be at peace. All is well.”

Blessings to you and yours!





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