Abundance Fun and More!

I’m having  the time of my life with the Abundance Fun Club and the Soul Friends’ Community!  I sent out my first surprise gift of abundance last week and it felt so wonderful.  I surprised one of my dear friends and it was so exciting.  I felt like Santa Claus! Check out the link below to read about the club and how it fits with the Dancing with life/Butterfly theme!

Abundance Fun Article

I’ll be posting the link to download last night’s empowerment call soon!  The Angels brought through some very helpful information as we set our intentions for 2012.

Have a great day!


PS.  Check out the quote from Louise Hay for today!!  I hope you all receive everything you wish for…you deserve it!

“I give to others all the things I wish to receive.” 

From Louise Hay (I Can Do It Calendar 2012)



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