A Message for 2012: The Year of the Butterfly

I asked Spirit for something to share with all of you as we bring 2011 to an end and wait for the arrival of 2012.  I found myself writing the message below and despite the fact that the calendar says the New Year begins on January 1, I feel it needed to be shared today on the day of the Winter Solstice (and my birthday too!).  In contrast to the prophecies of doomsday coming in 2012, I feel the year ahead will be one of celebration for many.  The new energies coming in will allow us to experience more freedom and breadth in our lives.  For some who have yet to complete their time in the “cocoon” there will be new learning.  For many though, we are at the end of this long journey to discover who we are and for us, the time of living with wings begins.  So, with much love I share what I received spiritually and I hope you have the most joyous of holiday seasons and a truly glorious “New Year!”

I see a windswept field.  Gray clouds skate across the sky and there is a cool breeze blowing.  The wind blows the grasses towards me.  There is a sense of immensity, of a vastness in the blending of sky and Earth.  Let the winds of time wipe clean the channels of your being.  Let that which has passed blow away on the wind.  Let the slate be washed clean.  Let the world begin anew…

Today marks the beginning of a new world.  You are stepping into a new life.  One in which the pain and the fear of the past no longer rule.  We take what we have learned and we move into a new way of being.  No longer will we let the past decide our future.  No longer will we walk in the shadows of misunderstandings and victimization.  Today, we begin anew.  As a butterfly comes out of a cocoon after a long period of gestation, we too emerge into the light to become one with the wind.  Moving from a creature that could only crawl we evolve into a creature that can fly…who can dance.  Let this be the year we learn how to use our new wings.  Let this be the year that we discover the beauty and the rightness of living in Divine flow.  For this is the year of the butterfly…

Imagine that you are truly about to emerge from your cocoon.  The days of living as a caterpillar are distant memories and the long inward journey that you have been on comes to a close.  What would it feel like to climb out of the cocoon?  Can you imagine going from a creature that crawls to one so completely different…to one that can fly?  How strange to find yourself with these large things on your back.  Can you feel them unfurl?  That first tentative sweep…and imagine the joy of that first flight.  The moment when the wind lifts you and instead of crashing back to Earth, you actually fly.  Can you feel the glory of this?  The bliss of floating gently…of dancing with the sun?  Life before was so limited.  You could only travel where your feet would take you.  No longer is this true.  You are only limited by the breadth of your imagination.  You can soar to the tree tops, fly across oceans, or spend the day resting in the splendor of a flower.  The world is full of possibilities and of wonder.  The time is now…spread your wings and lift off.

From Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

Of the time in the cocoon:  “A cocoon is woven around itself by the caterpillar, and a mummy-like pupa forms within.  In this stage there is a reorganization of the caterpillar’s cells even though there is the appearance of lifelessness.  Sometimes individuals need to back off, after laying a foundation, and then go deeply within so that  the creation will be able to come forth strong and in new light.  There are points in the creative process where we must be passive and let things take a natural course.  We do what we must, and then let it move on its own.  This is reflected in the chrysalis stage.”

Of the time of emerging:  “From the chrysalis comes yet a new and final form-a winged insect. The fact that it has wings in its final stages is very significant, and all of the symbolism associated with wings apply to insects as well as birds.  The adult only comes out of the cocoon in the warmth of spring-again reflecting the ability to go within and determine the best time to set the new creations in motion on a higher level and determine the best time to set the new creations in motion on a higher level.  Wings are the emblem of the adult insect and thus the adult creation.  Flight now becomes a way of life for however long the adult survives.”

Blessings and love to all!





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