Intuitive Message for the Day: Renewed Wonder

This morning, I asked for a Divinely inspired vision for all of you and I was shown a porcupine.  I checked out what that means in Animal Speak by Ted Andrews (a wonderful book if you are interested in the metaphysical meanings for animals and birds).  The keynote for porcupine according to Andrews is “renewed sense of wonder.”  He talks about how porcupines are good-natured and move through life at their own pace.  He also references the quills of a porcupine.  The message of this aspect is to protect your inner child from words that can hurt you.   A few questions he raises connected to this image are:

Are you allowing other people’s opinions to prevent you from exploring activities that could otherwise be fun and enjoyable? 

Do you have recreational time in your life? 

Are you overly sensitive to the barbs of others?

Are your barbs inappropriate or taking the joy from you? 

Intuitively, I feel there is a strong resonance for many to the question of whether you are allowing other people’s opinions to influence what activities you explore.  As we are all going through a vibrational shift, many are finding themselves no longer resonating with their current circumstances (career, relationships, etc.).  There is a strong call to follow your Divine path and to create life circumstances and environments that will allow you to live that purpose most effectively.  Are you experiencing this shift?  If you are, don’t worry!  Even if it seems impossible for your circumstances to change, once you align with the intention to make the shift, your Spiritual Support Team (Angels and Guides) will start bringing you opportunities to do so!   In the meantime, spend as much time as you can feeling as if it has already happened.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments’ section!  I have it set to approve all comments (to avoid SPAM), so your comment may not appear immediately.  Thanks!

Many Blessings for a day of renewed wonder, curiosity and joy!




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2 thoughts on “Intuitive Message for the Day: Renewed Wonder

  1. I’ve been wondering about you and how you’re doing and got your email this morning! 🙂

    I like porcupines – they’re cute and seem sweet to me, even though their quills can hurt!

    As for me – I’m overly sensitive to the barbs of others. I’ll do my best to think of the porcupine today if I feel those thoughts/feelings coming on!

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