Creating an Energetically Harmonious Space

This last month, I’ve been in “energy management” school.  Or at least I’ve been learning a lot about energy!  Would you like to feel more comfortable, energized, or inspired in your work or home environment?  If so here are a few tools to help you transform the energies!


1.  Sea Salt:  Try putting 1 Tablespoon of salt in the corners of the room (I use small spice bags, but you can also just put it in a small bowl).  Sea salt absorbs negative energies.  Dispose of the salt by flushing it down the sink or toilet every 2-5 days (if there are a lot of people in the space you are clearing or if the energies are particularly difficult then do it every 2 days).

2.  Colors:  Use color to help create a different energy in the room.  You can use colors that feel good to you in the decorations or you can visualize the colors filling the room.  Pick colors that evoke the energy you are trying to evoke.  For example, if you are trying to create more joy, pick colors that make you feel joyful.  You can also imagine yourself wrapped in these colors and ask the Angels to keep them in place all day long.

3.  Flowers:  Flowers also transmute negative energetic vibrations.  Find flowers that are bright and beautiful.  Keep them healthy and clear away any dead blooms.

4.  Music:  Sound vibrations can help to change the vibrations of the energy.  Use clapping, chimes, or bells to clear the energy and start fresh.  Also, if you are able to, play music that evokes the feeling you are trying to create.  After attending the workshop with Doreen Virtue in September, I purchased several of Mark Watson’s CD’s which invoke different Divine beings.  For instance, if you need more safety and protection, you can play the music to invoke Archangel Michael!  The link to purchase is:

5.  Cleanse the building or house:  I found a wonderful article by Joel Bruce Wallach that has a very powerful technique for clearing the energy blocks in a building.  Here’s the link:

Many Blessings to you!


Nancy Nicholas

Intuitive Life Coach

Published by Spirit Earth Coaching

Spirit Earth Coaching offers life coaching and vibrational healing for those seeking empowerment in their health, relationships, life purpose, or career.

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