Rising Above Fear

I just finished listening to a recorded call with Joel Bruce Wallach (spiritual energy researcher, teacher, and inventor of the Powerforms plates) on how to raise your vibration to shift your perception and gently clear blocks.  He provides a very simple and powerful tool that can be used with a variety of situations.  There are a few problems with the recording (this was a group call), but it was still very worth listening to.  For those who are able to sense energetic shifts, you’ll be amazed at how powerful this very simple technique really is!  I also like his straight forward and logical approach to energy principles.

Here’s the link to his website where you can read more and get the download for the call.  He also has several excellent articles on different topics connected to energetic clearing and balancing.

Rising Above Fear Technique

Let me know what you experience!


Nancy Nicholas, Intuitive Life Coach


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