Afformations: Positive Questioning!

I read a great article about Noah St. John and Denise Berard’s concept called “afformations” (Positive Questions) and I have to say I’m fascinated.  My understanding is that by posing a positive question you are actually working more in sync with the way the brain functions.  All I know is that I’ve been trying it and I can feel an instant energy shift!

Here are a few examples…

Instead of “I am happy!”  try saying, “Why am I so happy?”

Instead of “I am successful!”  try saying, “Why am I so successful?”

Instead of “I am loved!” try saying, “Why am I so loved? 

This really reminds me of the work I’ve been doing with Organizational Coach, Lauren May (to learn more about what she does, visit her profile:  Lauren is always having me imagine myself somewhere in the future where what I’m trying to achieve has already happened.  She walks me through a guided visualization until I can really feel it.  Asking these afformations seems to do something similar.  For one, it evokes a very positive feeling.  It also helps me stay engaged with where I want to go by working to answer the question.  For instance, if I say to myself, “Nancy, why are you so happy?”  I find my brain begins coming up with data to explain my supposed happiness.  It is great to discover there are often many reasons why I am happy!   And speaking of happiness…I just read a different article about happiness and it said that 40% of being happy is determined by what our thoughts are.  Maybe taking time to answer our positive afformations will help us reach that 40%!

I haven’t read the book yet (but intend to).  If you are interested, the title is The Great Little Book of Afformations by Noah St. John and Denise Berard.  Let me know how this works for you!


PS. If you are in Ohio, the article I read was in a great free newspaper called the Positive Times Newspaper.  It is filled with upbeat articles and positive quotes.  So nice to see someone spreading the word in that way!  Check it out if you get a chance.

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