Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…

This month’s archetype focus is the Destroyer.  I have to admit that this hasn’t been an easy part of my psyche to accept, mostly because I’ve had a bad habit of not allowing it out until cataclysmic destruction was necessary.  This time, I’m trying to activate the destroyer energy more consciously by diving down into the roots of my subconscious and bringing up some old “truths” that frankly have been sabotaging me.  You see, along with helping me to let go of old subconscious and outmoded beliefs it is also helping me to realize when it is time to let go of trying to figure it all out.  Boy do I hate that!  My brain just really likes to latch onto a problem and then think, and think, and think until the problem is solved or I pass out into unconsciousness.  My brain can be like a dog with a bone when it is stuck with something.  Now, I am finally getting that this is one bone, this dog needs to drop!
So what is it that I’m dropping exactly?  It is actually bigger than wrestling with a particular problem.  It is actually the “process” that I need to let go.  You know the process I mean…the one where we turn to our intellect to figure out how to solve the problem.  Did I mention that my intellect really doesn’t like to let go?

Okay, as always I’m motivated to share these things so that I can spare you some of my struggle.  So here’s my advice.  As we move into a new age, try this approach the next time you face a problem.  Trust me…it really is so much less painful and more effective than the old way.

Step One:  Acknowledge how you are feeling about the situation you are facing.  Give yourself a way to express it (journal or call a friend or have a little chat with God).

Step Two:  Promise yourself that you are going to get some help to solve the problem.  Then set it down mentally.

Step Three:  Use your imagination to see yourself somewhere in the future where the problem has already been resolved.  Let yourself feel the peace, safety, sense of well-being, and deep relaxation you feel (because of course you are imagining that the issue has been resolved in a way that makes you feel good!).  Think about how you want to feel in the area of your concern.  Really imagine this is your reality.  Sometimes I even imagine (or create it on paper) a symbolic representation of what I want to manifest during this stage.  Do the best you can to get to the feeling…even a little of the happy feeling juice will help.

Step Four:  Call in the Big Guns.  Ask God and the Angels to go to work to manifest how you want to feel about the situation.  If you created a picture of what you want to manifest in step three, now is a good time to hand it over to the Angels!

Step Five:  Let it go.  When the thought comes back to you, try saying this affirmation to yourself:  “God and the Angels are manifesting a miracle for me right now and it will be here soon!”

Step Six:  Take action when you feel guided to.  If you are facing a decision, try feeling your way through it.  If your body feels relaxed and peaceful at one idea or the other, then go with that one.  Set the intention to be Divinely guided to the highest and best action, and then trust that you will be (because you will!).  If you feel stuck, then go back to Step Five.  Refuse to mentally wrestle with the decision.  If it does come to you easily, then the time isn’t right to decide yet.

Step Seven:  Give yourself a pep talk.  I added this one because I’m realizing just hard it can be to let go and let God take over.  You are learning a whole way of doing something and that takes courage.  Love yourself for your strength and your courage.  You can do it!
Blessings and much love to you all!

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One thought on “Problem Solving: Sometimes you just have to let it go…

  1. As usual, you make so much sense. Will definitely have to practice these steps.

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