Security in Interdependence: Wisdom from Your Inner Orphan

February’s newsletter focus is being safe and secure.  The archetype (personality aspect) associated with this topic is the orphan.  The orphan is the part of us who has experienced wounding somewhere along the line (and who hasn’t!).  Unlike, the innocent within us, the orphan doesn’t see the world as a very safe place.  The gift of this archetype is learning how to connect with others to create safety.  Recognizing our interdependence with others, we form communities to support us as we travel through our lives.

As you’ve probably guessed, I have learned a lot from my inner orphan!  Sanctuary at the Crossroads, Crossroads Coaching, The Highland Community Support Network, the intuitive coaching clubs, Soul Friends’ Community, and Sensitive Person Mentoring Groups are all examples of my inner orphan creating communities to provide more safety and security (after all isn’t there safety in numbers?).

So how can communities help us feel safe and secure?  They provide us with like-minded companions who can share their experiences and wisdom as we walk through life.  They can help us to see our own strengths and comfort us when we struggle.  Families can do this, but sometimes it is necessary to have others we are bonded with too.

An exercise to help you empower your inner orphan is to spend a few minutes looking at your own involvement with others.  Are the communities you are a part of (whether work or home) providing a sense of support and connection?  If they are, then take a few moments to be grateful and to honor the gifts they provide.  If not, ask yourself what types of communities or groups would empower you?  There are many opportunities to find like-minded souls.  Religious groups, clubs formed around hobbies, sports, and social clubs are just a few.   There are countless options available online.  Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google Groups are just a few places to try.

Whatever community you join, know that it can be a very powerful experience.  I’ve seen amazing things happen when a group of people come together for a common purpose.  I’ve seen members of a writer’s groups go from being unpublished to multiple book authors.  I’ve seen community groups such as the Highland Community Support Network help hundreds of people.  I’ve seen environmental groups provide healing to local parks.  In my own clubs, I’ve watched complete strangers become supportive partners in the process of personal and spiritual growth.

So, today, consider taking a moment to look at your own connections.  If you are ready to find new ones, make a list of your interests.  Start searching around online, in the paper, at the library or by asking those you know to help you learn more.  I guarantee you’ll be able to find a group of fellow travelers (Soul Friends!) ready to share your journey!  Enjoy the journey!

Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach offering Empowerment Readings, Empowerment Clubs, Sensitive Person Mentoring, and a Soul Friends Community. She is the author of Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit: A Step-by-Step Handbook for Surviving and Thriving Through Tough Life Changes  (available at and other retail bookstores).  For a free Empowerment Packet and to learn more about Nancy’s work, visit her website:

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2 thoughts on “Security in Interdependence: Wisdom from Your Inner Orphan

  1. Thanks for this post Nancy! I think HSP’s are more susceptible to the orphan feeling. I came across a blog by Elaine Aron, the HSP author and expert. I think the subject of this blog post is related to the topic of your post, and I had such an a-ha moment when I read the blog I couldn’t sit still. Here’s the link. I hope others find it interesting

  2. Thanks for sharing that article Donna! I think you are right about orphans and those who are highly sensitive. I find my sensitivity makes me more vulnerable at times to wounding…which activates the orphan archetype…as I mentioned in my article, it has had a huge impact on what I’ve chosen to do and create! So good to hear from you and thanks again for sharing the link to Dr. Aron’s article!

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