Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies

250 year old oak tree at Ash Lawn-Highland in VA

I’ve found that there is nothing that makes me feel as powerless as a health issue. This spring, I seem to have developed some type of allergy and suddenly my favorite time of year is no longer so wonderful. Being outside and watching things bloom, feeling the warming sun, and enjoying the fresh air are things I enjoy more than any other. Yet this year, all I want to do is climb into bed with a good book and stay there until this goes away.

I know many people are suffering from allergies this year as the pollen and mold count are significantly higher than they have been in years. So how can we empower ourselves during times like this?

Well, I figured it was a good idea to get some Divine input on this and also to share some products that I’ve found very helpful. I hope they help you too! Hang in there…this too shall pass…

Raise your vibration. I’ve found that when I’m doing an empowerment reading, my allergy discomfort decreases. To raise your vibration, take a few moments to breathe deeply (at least as deeply as you can) and imagine yourself somewhere peaceful. The idea is to convince your body that you are in an environment that feels peaceful, healing, and delightful. Let yourself float in the ocean, climb a mountain, shop in a unique boutique, or stretch out on a warm rock in the middle of a river. As you sink into this experience, soak up the energetic healing that it brings.

Practice relaxation techniques. For those of you who are on my mailing list, you know I’m a HUGE fan of yoga mudras. I’ve used them to improve my health and mental well-being on many occasions. I love the books by Sabrina Mesko. Set the intention that you are asking for Divine healing and then flip to a mudra. Try another one if your time allows. These three minute yoga postures for the hands are amazingly healing and a great way to energetically combat that which ails you.

Ask for Divine support. Have you asked your Angels to make you feel better? Seems like a simple step, but I have to admit I don’t always remember it right away myself. So right now, try it. What can it hurt? Ask your Angels and spiritual helpers to bring Divine healing and freedom from discomfort. Ask them to guide you to the foods, medicines, or experiences that will free you from that which is causing you pain. Give it a try!

Accept what can’t be changed. I hate this one! I never find it easy to accept that sometimes you just don’t feel well (emotionally or physically). I’m always trying to figure out what is going on, why, and what I can do to fix it. One of the messages I received about my own physical struggles was to accept that it is a temporary experience brought on by changes occurring in my own system and in the world at large, which must occur at this time. Sometimes, life here on Earth brings suffering. I wish it wasn’t so, but I’m learning that when I can accept that suffering will give way to joy again soon, I suffer a lot less!

Listen to your body. I’m also getting a strong message to pay attention when you go to eat or drink. My inner child wants sweets and bread type products when I don’t feel well, but my body knows these things aren’t helping the situation right now. Lots of liquids, fruits and vegetables are better than white flour, sugar, and dairy products. Listen to what your system says instead of letting the part of you that wants to be comforted be completely in charge. That said it is also okay to give yourself a treat or two. After all, it is no fun not feeling well!

Forgive. If you are like me you may find yourself feeling very angry at yourself. After all, if all that Law of Attraction stuff is right, didn’t we just bring this misery on ourselves? I have been told intuitively again and again that it isn’t that simple. Each experience that we have here is the experience we need in that moment. That doesn’t mean that each experience is one we “want” to be having…it just means that it is what it is. Right now, today, my head hurts and my glands are swollen and I don’t like it. Right now, I accept that for some reason that I don’t understand, that is just how it has to be.

For those of you looking for some new products to try that might make you feel better, here is a few that I’m finding helpful:

Olbas Lozenges (Black Currant): Seriously considering investing in this company. These drops are very strong, but they clear my sinuses like nothing else. They also have Vitamin C and Eucalyptus to help you heal. They are good for coughs, sore throats, and sinus issues.

Olbas Inhaler: The package says “POWER to Breathe™” and they aren’t kidding! It does provide instant relief for colds, allergies, low humidity and hay fever. It is non habit forming and doesn’t cause drowsiness. Again, I love this product.

Ginger Tea: I found a recipe for this in a book called Kitchen Pharmacy. Essentially, you boil water and add a pinch of ginger powder, cinnamon, and cloves. Then add ½ T of lemon juice and honey (to taste). Breathing in the steam helps as much as drinking it!

Breathe Again Roll On: This product is from Young Living Essential Oil. I’ve used other products from them and found them to be very effective. I just ordered this for myself because I have another one of their roll on products that I really love. Hopefully, this will be as good as that is!

Emergen C Immune Support and Airborne: Both of these products are great at helping you boost your immune system which helps minimize the effects of allergies.

Energy/Body Work:  Intuitive healing through energy or body work can really help any ailment.  I had a wonderful Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Donna Tkachyk and Susan Barack yesterday that really helped my sinuses!  I also had a great Reiki/Massage with Debbie Kacic the other day which brought relief.  Check out the practitioners at Sanctuary at the Crossroads (my empowerment center) if you’d like to try this approach (or give me a call!).  They are all excellent!

Cave Therapy: Try visiting a cave!   The air quality and moisture in the air is wonderful for the sinuses!  Here’s a picture from my trip to Luray Caverns (Luray, VA) over Easter.  The bottom is a reflection of the ceiling.

Dream Lake in Luray Caverns

I hope these tips help you breathe easier!

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who works with clients who are feeling powerless because of a relationship, health situation, job, family matter, or other concern. She offers Empowerment Readings which combine Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to help her clients make the necessary changes to move into a better situation. She also offers two mentoring programs and intuitive coaching products. Visit her website for a free Divine Purpose Survey and to learn more:

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One thought on “Breathe Easier-Tips for Coping with Allergies

  1. Nancy, what a terrific blog with great tips!!
    I have a few more favorite allergy remedies:
    Sinusin nasal spray, also called Euphorbium makes the nasal passages more resistant to potential allergens, viruses, and other irritants. It is available at Mustard Seed Market or through
    Jade Greenzymes from the NIkken company, whose primary ingredient is barley grass. Both of these have worked great for several of my client’s with allergy issues.
    Holistic Wellness Buddy LLC
    Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Traditional Naturopath, Wellness Coach and Reiki Master

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