Peace of MIND, Tips to Quiet the Mind and Relieve Stress

Have you ever felt like your brain will not be quiet?  I’ve had a real struggle with this for a lot of my life.  Whether my mind is obsessed with worries or involved in creative brainstorming, sometimes it will not leave me alone!  While I get a real high when my brain starts off on a creative spiral, I’m not so crazy about the nervous system overload that comes with it.  Anxiety and sleeplessness get old very fast.   Over the last few years, I’ve done a  much better job of stopping myself before I get caught in a mental frenzy of activity.  Today, I have a confession to make…I fell off the wagon. 

Thankfully, Spirit intervened, bringing me a vision to get me back on track.  As I’ve talked to many others who have been suffering with the same problem, I thought I should share what I learned. 

So here’s my vision…The first thing I saw was a nest of sea turtle eggs.  I watched as they all hatched and these adorable, tiny turtles started making their way to the ocean.  I felt this wonderful elation followed by panic.  How could I possibly get all these wonderful creatures to the ocean safely? 

The message was that I couldn’t.  The reality is that only a few sea turtle hatchlings actually live to become full grown sea turtles.  The same is true for my “brilliant” ideas. Only a few of those ideas are meant to manifest right now and I’ll have plenty of time to nurture them to fruition (at least I will if I stop running frantically around the beach trying to scoop up baby turtles!).   

In case you’ve found yourself with an unending to do list and a brain that won’t turn off, I thought I’d post a few tips to bring back your peace of mind.  Give them a try!   


Pay attention to your body.  The best defense to help yourself avoid moving into a stressed out, anxious state of being, is to notice how your body feels.  Get in the habit of regular check ins.  Ask yourself:  How does my stomach feel?  How about my muscles?  Is my jaw tense?  If you are feeling any discomfort, then take a deep breath and work on relaxing your muscles.  Make yourself set aside what you are working on until your body returns to a more relaxed state.  Believe me, it is worth the time.

Turn off your work mind by 7PM.  It is really important to get a good night sleep.  One of the keys to sleeping well is to avoid giving your mind lots of juicy things to think about right before you are telling it to shut down for the night.  Make a firm cut off time (at least a couple hours before you go to sleep) to drop any serious topics or work items and stick to it.  Do something relaxing before you fall asleep.  I find it helpful to visualize all the stresses of the day washing off me in a gentle lake or at the beach.  Pick something that is soothing to you and make it part of your nighttime ritual. 

Exercise.  I’ve never been a very gung ho exerciser, but a couple of years of living with anxiety completely changed my opinion about its importance.  The bottom line is that exercising reduces stress hormones.  A walk outside.  Time on an exercise machine.  Yoga.  Playing a sport.  All of these things help to get you out of your head and into a more relaxed and comfortable body. 

Yoga Mudras.  I think Sabrina Mesko should hire me to handle her publicity.  Honestly, I am a HUGE fan of yoga mudras and I own all of Sabrina’s products (check out my Amazon store in the blogroll if you’d like to get your own copies).  Her three minute hand postures are amazingly powerful.  They really do help to shift the energy, calm the body and the mind, and bring you to a peaceful state of being.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Listen to Relaxation CD’s and/or peaceful music.  I escaped my two years of anxiety Hell through the wonders of a technique called nervous system settling.  When I finally understood that what was happening was simply nervous system overload and my constant mental gymnastics to bring it under control were actually increasing my anxiety, I had what I needed to end the cycle.  I learned about this technique from Gary Peterson, an author and nervous system expert.  He has a great CD to help you settle your nervous system.  You can purchase it at or  learn more about it on his website:  Besides his CD, I find relaxing music to be very helpful to soothe my overactive mind.  Enya is a favorite artist of mine.  Find something you enjoy and put it on the next time you find yourself overthinking. 

Get some help.  Sometimes it helps to talk with someone objective to get things back in perspective.  Talk with a good friend, a counselor, or make an appointment with me!  As I’ve explained, I’ve had lots of practice with this, not only with myself but with many clients.   To purchase a life coaching reading, visit my website:

 Here’s to peace of mind for us all!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach who empowers her clients to overcome feelings of powerlessness and to make changes to create a life they love.  To learn more about her services and products, visit her website: http://www.EmpoweringLightworkers.  Nancy is also the owner Sanctuary at the Crossroads and Crossroads Coaching

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