Trust and Becoming a Wise Innocent

I love the message of the Fool card in the Tarot deck.  The version I have depicts a man smiling happily as he is about to step off a cliff.  The interpretation speaks of this card as the state of a wise innocence.  A person who is able to have a child-like trust in the good of the Universe and therefore avoids harm, no matter what path they take.  They live a charmed existence where Angels intervene to keep them from harm…a harm they often don’t even know was there in the first place.

While pondering this card, I was shown a vision of a child approaching a dog.  The child was young, 2 or 3 years old, and it was so excited to touch the dog.  I could feel how much she longed to wrap her arms around the dog’s neck.  The child’s mother stood near the dog and seemed to be saying it was okay for her to approach, but when the child did rush up to hug the dog, the dog bit her.  The mother was as shocked as the child.

The purpose of this vision was to help me understand the dynamic that takes place within us as we seek to have faith and trust in the Divine and in ourselves.  Such early experiences, as illustrated by the dog example, teach our innocent self that it isn’t safe to trust.  The parent who loves us, can’t always keep us safe from danger.  The love we feel in our hearts isn’t always reciprocated by the object of our affections.  It teaches us how to pay attention and to learn what we need to know about our environment to avoid danger and stay safe.

This brings me to a universal question…how can one trust and feel safe in an unsafe world?  How does one become a wise innocent?  Is it possible, after earlier experiences that have taught us the world can be dangerous, that we can find a state of blissful ignorance where unseen helpers leap to whisk us out of danger before we even know the danger exists? 

For me, the only path of serenity in the midst of constant change is to find an anchor.  For me that anchor is the Divine and while I realize that my faith in God’s guidance and protection doesn’t exempt me from the hurtful experiences in life, it does guarantee me that I will never have to walk through any circumstance alone.   I’ve been blessed to see how our Divine helpers will come to our aid whenever we ask.  They work through our thoughts, our feelings, through books, and other human beings.  They step into the place of fear and pain, and bring comfort and love.  We just need to ask. 

Today, I encourage you to take a look back over the course of your life.  Find a moment when life felt hopeless and filled with despair.  Did someone show up to comfort you unexpectedly?  Did things work out in a way that, while maybe not what you’d hoped for, were what you really needed?  Letting go of our fears and the parts of ourselves that need to evolve for us to grow can be painful, but it is also necessary.   So ask for comfort, ask for love, ask for healing, ask for God to make smooth your path and guide you in making wise choices.   Then remember… help will come for you.  It always does.

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach.  She offers Life Coaching Readings, Divinely Guided Messages by email, Divinely You Readings, coaching clubs, and other products to inspire and empower.  For a free Divine Purpose Survey and to learn more about her services, visit her website:

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