Hand Turned Bowls and Discovering One’s Unique Self

I’ve been working with a very gifted artist, named Jim Holland from North Carolina.  He makes these amazing hand turned wood bowls, vases and containers.  They are really beautiful and each is so unique.  I am keeping my favorite stones in one.  I purchased one for a friend of mine for Christmas and filled it with tiny stone chips used to balance the chakras (the stone chips are from Corky Larson at Inner Harmony Wellness Center).  I have two other vases holding incense and eucalyptus and I’ve just ordered another one for my desk. 

As you can see, I really love his work!  His website is http://www.HandTurnedBowls.biz if you are interested.

I was thinking about the vases and how each one is so different.   A vase starts off as a block of wood…shapeless and without character, like the one below. 

Uncarved wood block from Jim Holland

And through the belief that there is something more than the surface reveals and through the willingness to be guided by the Divine, the true beauty and character of the wood can be shown.

Hand Turned Vase created by Jim Holland

I received an email from a woman who had purchased several Divinely You Readings from me for her family.  She wrote, “The Divinely You readings gave me such a great new perspective on my family and my one friend!  It showed me that we really sometimes don’t realize all of the great qualities that our family and friends have.”

I think this is often true for all of us…and it is also true about how we view ourselves.  Sometimes it is easy to focus on what is wrong with those around us.  Today, I challenge you to look for what is right…both in your loved ones and in yourself.   What do you love about yourself?  What do you love about the other people in your life? 

Feel free to share what you discover by commenting here and remember to also share it with your loved ones!

Blessings to you and yours!


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach and owner of Empowering Lightworkers, Crossroads Coaching, and Sanctuary at the Crossroads.  She provides Life Coaching Readings, Intuitive Coaching Clubs, and products to empower her clients to understand their life and experiences from a spiritual perspective and to live their life purpose. 

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