The Power of Love: Make 2009 a Great Year!

Every year, I complete an exercise that Life Coach and author, Cheryl Richardson, sends out.  It asks you a series of questions in April and then asks you to reflect on them at the end of the year.  One of the questions is “What advice would you give yourself? 

This year, when I started to answer that question I found myself getting very squirmy.  All the “words of wisdom” from the things I’ve learned just felt like something else to remember.  That’s when I realized that my advice to myself is really very simple. 

Just love. 

Now, we’ve all heard this suggestion a million times, but what exactly does it mean?  For me, it comes back to the most important thing I’ve learned in my life.  It is that my happiness and my sense of peace come from loving…not from being loved. 

This sounds like a very trite saying, but I encourage you to try the activity below and then see how you feel.  Ask yourself when you are done the following questions:  Is your body more relaxed?  Do you feel more peaceful?  Are you smiling? Does your heart feel lighter?  

Here is what I wrote in my journal in response to Cheryl’s question, 

“What advice would I give myself this year?”

Breathe.  Relax. Let go.  Breathe. Relax. Let go.  Love yourself.  Love God.  Love your husband.  Love your sons.  Love your family and friends.  Love everyone.  Love the Earth.  Love trees.  Love the mud between your toes.  Love the birds singing in the morning.  Love the candlelight at night.  Love the first star at dusk.  Love your soulfriends.  Love your body.  Love your inner child.  Love sunshine on your face.  Love the warmth of a cozy blanket.  Love the sound of Dylan’s laugh.  Love the feel of Jacob’s head on your shoulder.  Love the feel of a rock in your hand.  Love the smooth feel of jade.  Love the softness of your pillow.  Love the wonderful scent of mint tea.  Love the lavendar in the garden.  Love God’s whispers in your mind.  Love Spirit hugs.  Love your beautiful Soul sisters.  Love simplicity.  Love joyous music.  Love laughter.   Love swimming in a quiet lake.  Love the first wildflower in the spring.  Love watching the sun come up.  Love the ebb and the flow.  Love your innocence.  Love your wisdom.  Love books and stories and stories!  Love your fears.  Love the creative rush of a new idea.  Love the smell of the pages of a book.  Love watching the branches stir in the wind.  Love the feel of the Earth beneath you.  Love the snowflakes melting on your cheeks.  Love starlit nights.  Love songs.  Love simple pleasures.  Love being loved.  Love yourself!

Now it is your turn!  What do you love? 

Feel free to write your response in the comment box below.   Did you notice a difference in how you felt after your list was complete?  Share your thoughts!  We’d love to hear from you!

Save a copy of your list to refer to throughout the year.  I’m going to keep my list posted by my computer to remind me to start each day with loving thoughts.  Where could you keep your list to remind you of all that you love?

Blessings to you and yours!  Best wishes for a joyous, peaceful and loving 2009!   


Nancy Nicholas is an Intuitive Life Coach and the owner of Sanctuary at the Crossroads, Crossroads Coaching, and Empowering Lightworkers.  She offers Life Coaching readings, products, and Intuitive Coaching Clubs which provide Divine guidance with practical coaching tips to empower you to live your life purpose.  To learn more, visit her websites:

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