Holiday Self Care

Happy Holidays!

This time of year it is easy to wear yourself out.  Below are some simple tips to help you stay healthy and in balance.  Best wishes for a lovely holiday season and a wonderful 2009!

Say No when you need to.  Remember that for you to give to others, you must have time and energy for yourself.  It is not only appropriate, but necessary to say no sometimes, so you can take time to recharge.  Remember to ask for help too (both Earth plane and Angelic)!

Schedule “You Time” for one hour everyday.  Time alone to do those activities that restore your energy and enthusiasm is essential.  Put one hour a day (it can be in two half hour blocks) on your daily to do list and use the time to do activities that help you feel good.  You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you will have to share with others.

Take care of your physical self.  Try thinking of yourself as a child you are taking care of.  You would  be sure the child was eating healthy meals three times a day, getting enough rest and exercise, and having time to play.  You need the same thing!  Include adequate time to eat, drink water, exercise and rest in your daily schedule and don’t compromise those times, especially during this busy season. 

Give yourself a mental break every 90 minutes.  This is an amazing strategy that really works.  The key to this strategy is to not only take a physical break, but to also take a mental break from whatever you are doing.  Often, we are physically “resting” but our minds are still “working” which means we are still using a lot of energy.  Try doing a yoga mudra (see below), stretching, eating an energy bar, listening to peaceful music, saying a positive affirmation (“I am relaxed and peaceful” for example) or going for a quick walk for at least 5 minutes every 90 minutes during the day.  Even five minutes of “mental rest” every 90 minutes will make a huge difference in the amount of energy you will have by the end of the day. 

Reward yourself once a week.  Remember when you were a kid and you’d get a present or a special treat?  Do you remember how fun that was?  Well, now that you are all grown up, it is time to start giving a special treat to yourself.  You deserve it!  Make a list of simple things that make you feel good or that you enjoy.  Keep the list handy and pick one thing a week to buy or do for you.  Maybe pick out a special Christmas gift for yourself and put it under the tree.  Remember this doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.  Even scheduling time for a half hour nap on a Sunday afternoon can make a big difference in how you feel.  The point is to remind yourself that you are taking good care of you! 

Try this yoga mudra from Sabrina Mesko to help you recharge!  From Sabrina Mesko’s Cards: Yoga for the Hands~ Preventing Burnout:  “Sit with a straight spine.  Bring your forearms up in front of you at your heart level and bend your elbows to the side.  With your palms facing the ground, fold your thumbs across the palms of each hand until they reach the bases of your fingers.  Bend your fingers slightly and touch the backs of your fingertips together, forming a V shape with your hands.  Hold for three minutes and keep the elbows from sinking.  Relax and rest.  Breath:  Long, deep and slow.”

Avoiding Burnout Yoga Mudra
Avoiding Burnout Yoga Mudra

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