Exploring Nature~Within and Without

“Everyone needs a wise friend.  Someone who knows how to say just the right thing.  At just the right moment. Here a hundred year old Cottonwood tree shares its simple wisdom about life, about living in harmony with ourselves and with nature.”

Ilan Shamir, Advice from a Tree


I recently returned home from a trip to one of my favorite natural places, Hocking Hills State Park.  During one of the brief, but powerful, thunderstorms, we browsed at a local gift store called Misty Ridge.  My husband, knowing I have a bit of a tree fetish, noticed a poster entitled “Advice from a Tree.”  I was, of course, intrigued and soon found myself immersed in all the Advice from Nature products available at the store.  With considerable self-restraint, I only purchased four items (Advice from a Tree, Advice from a Moose, Advice from a Hummingbird and The Gift of a Tree), but easily could have walked away with much more.  This morning, I visited the website of the creator (http://www.yourowntruenature.com).  What a beautiful concept!  He’s combined environmental caretaking with empowerment, resulting in a variety of inspiring products.    


I also found myself thinking about the title of his website, “Your Own True Nature.”  Along with greatly envying his selection of such an ideal domain name, I also started pondering this concept.  Do I know my own “true nature?”  Do you? 


Certainly, we are all a combination of traits, but I wonder if we each also have a core trait, a core quality that shines forth through all that we do.  Do you see this trait in yourself?  Can you see it in others?


Maybe another way to look at it is to think about how you would like to affect those around you.  What trait do you enjoy evoking in others? Excitement?  Joy?  Peace? Inspiration? Happiness?  Compassion? Laughter?


I think my choice would be empowerment.  I so passionately believe that each of us deserve to experience the wonder of who we are.  We deserve to experience life enjoying no one else’s company as much as we enjoy our own.  We deserve to be recognized for our unique gifts, for the simplicity of our inner selves, for the beauty of our own story.  I wish this for myself and I wish it for you. 


How about you?  What do you believe in?  What gift do you wish to share with the world? 


Something to ponder…

Enjoy the Your True Nature website and if you get a chance to visit Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, you’ll love it! 

Nancy Nicholas

Intuitive Life Coach

“Nurture Your Roots, Grow Your Gifts, Inspire the World!”


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