Getting Started with Internet Marketing

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from small business owners who are struggling to build a client base. This isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for those in holistic fields. Below are a few tips to help you get started using the internet as a marketing tool:

Purchase a domain and create a website

I used a program called Website Tonight through to create my websites. The program is inexpensive (about $5/month for a five page site), includes hosting, and doesn’t require any Html experience. You can also purchase a domain name (name for your website) through Godaddy and get a starter page for free. To learn more, visit

List Your Business For Free

Most of the major search engines offer yellow pages, map services, and free local listings. Getting your business listed on these directories will help it get listed higher on a search. Most of these listings include a lot of information about your business and services. (FYI…When you join my Empowering Lightworkers e-club you can get a free gift “Five Free Ways to Be Found On An Internet Search” which includes the links for this tip. Visit to learn more).

Social Networking

Another good way to get your website found is to participate in social networking with your target market. Yahoo and Google both offer a variety of groups you can join for free. provides opportunities to discuss topics through forums. There are lots of other professional and social networking websites you can join, many of which will allow you to create a detailed profile for free. Facebook and Beliefnet are two examples of sites that offer this option. Try doing a search on your subject of interest and see what types of groups come up.

Google Adwords

This approach isn’t free, but I have found it to be effective. You can set the limit for the amount you are comfortable spending. You also can monitor your ad(s) to see how effective your ad and keywords are and adjust accordingly. To learn more, check out this link: .

Give me a call if you’d like some coaching support with this or consider joining the e-club where you can network with other Lightworkers and share about your business with the yahoo groups audience.

Take care!
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6 thoughts on “Getting Started with Internet Marketing

  1. Today, many businesses are based on internet marketing. Internet marketing means marketing goods and services on the Internet. There are different methods of Internet marketing, and finding the right way to market for your business is the key to success.

  2. Nancy,

    Great advice! If I can add one more— find out where your customers are hanging out and start posting helpful articles on their forums. Odds are that if you have good information, folks will come visit you. Maybe even syndicate your content (a top 10 list) to the local chamber, so you can reach potential clients in your neighborhood.


  3. Great idea Dennis! I purchased a great article marketing toolkit from Tracey Lawton who is a virtual assistant. It has tons of links for websites to submit to and it also gives step by step instructions on how to get your article ready to send out and then to keep track of where you sent it. Here is her website if anyone is looking for this type of thing:

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