Overcoming Financial Stress

Are you worried about your financial security? Forecasts for a slumping economy can be especially difficult for those of us in the healing arts. Often our services, while very much needed, are seen as luxuries and can be the first thing to be cut out of the budget when money gets tight.

So what can you do to stay financially secure through these fluctuations?

Below are a few coaching tips to help you navigate a difficult economic climate:

1. Tighten your belt: Are there areas in your own budget where you could cut back? I read The Automatic Millionaire by Financial guru, David Bach where he talked about the “Latte Factor.” He explained how cutting out something as simple as a daily cup of gourmet coffee adds up to a lot of money quickly. He recommends looking for a way you can save even $5 a day. Just think about it…$5 a day adds up to $150 a month! I’ve used his strategies and they really work. Here’s a link to his books at my Amazon store: http://astore.amazon.com/sanctuary0a-20?%5Fencoding=UTF8&node=5.

2. Be Creative About How You Offer Your Services: Spend some time thinking about what you offer as a Lightworker. Is there a way that you could offer your services in a group setting? Can you create an informational product to sell from your website? What about offering a class or workshop? Are there supplemental products you use in your practice that you could sell? Try to find some ways to offer your healing gifts and still make your hourly fee, while making it less expensive for your clients to participate. After all, they are feeling the financial stress too which means they need your healing gifts more, not less. Create an option that is a win win situation for you both!

3. Supplement Your Income: As you are building your practice or business, it may (and often is) necessary to have a secondary source of income. What are your skills and education? Are there other things you can do temporarily to fill the financial gap? Easing the financial stress will make it easier to draw new clients to you. Remember we all communicate at a subconscious level and if you are desperate for clients, this will be picked up by the people who you want to hire you. When you are relaxed, it will be much easier for the love of what you do to shine through to those you are trying to attract.

4. Make a Plan: What is your plan for expanding your business? Have you developed strategies to incorporate multiple streams of income? Do you have a mailing list to share your new services with? How will you let people know about what you have to offer? Create a business plan to map out how you will market and incorporate additional means of earning income. Moving beyond earning income only through working with one on one clients is the best way to develop a strong financial base that won’t be subjected to the ups and downs of the finanical climate. Start making a plan how you will create this new type of business today.

5. Have Faith: This last step is often the hardest for all of us. Try to remember that even when it seems like no one needs what you have to offer, that God gave you your unique gifts for a reason. I promise you that someone out there is praying for help only you can provide right now. Believe that your special abilities are here as part of your Divine Purpose, which means God must have a plan for how the people who need your gifts are going to find you. Hang in there…the one thing you can count on in life is change, so if you are in a down swing, an upswing must be on the way!

Take care!


PS. I’m taking my own advice…check out my club offerings and sensitive person mentoring program where you can experience the benefits of my coaching services and network with other Lightworkers at this link: http://www.EmpoweringLightworkers.com

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