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I believe we have one purpose in this lifetime, and that is to be most fully and authentically who we are. So often, we lose the purity of our own truth because of subconscious programming and the expectations of others.  My journey has led me to amazing energy tools, powerful trainings with a variety of master teachers (including Mother Earth), and deepened my ability to see beyond the surface into the higher truth. My passion is to guide you to discover just how powerful and amazing you really are! 

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What People Say

Within a few sessions with Nancy, I no longer struggled with panic attacks and we continued to work together over the years to heal my past wounds and the limiting beliefs that stemmed from those wounds.  Through her gentle care and her unique gifts, I was able to overcome them and I am happy to say that I’ve never felt more confident or more empowered than I do today.  I’ve even launched my own business that I am so passionate and excited about.

Nancy is the real thing.  She is very talented. Not one to sit on her laurels, she continues to hone her God-given gifts.  She is also a person of integrity. But what I love most about working with Nancy (and perhaps what I needed the most) is that I’ve always felt very safe in talking to her about absolutely anything in my life. I have recommended her at every opportunity.